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Lot 112

Estimate: 4'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 3'200 CHF ---
The Carthaginians in Sicily and in North Africa. Tetradrachm, uncertain mint in Sicily "people of the camp" circa 320, AR 17.09 g. Barley wreathed head of Tanit (Kore-Persephone) l., wearing earring and necklace; around, four dolphins. Rev. Head of horse l.; behind, palm tree with clusters of dates; beneath truncation of the neck, 'mmhnt in Punic characters. Boston 490 (this reverse die). SNG Ashmolean 2158 (this reverse die). Jenkins Punic Sicily III, 145.
Of lovely style, minor area of weakness on reverse, otherwise
extremely fine / about extremely fine

From the A.D.M. collection.

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