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Lot 99

Estimate: 5'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 4'000 CHF Price realized: 5'000 CHF
IMPERIAL COINAGE. NERO, 54-69. Sestertius, 64. AE 26.67 g. NERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GERM PM TR P IMP PP Laureate head r., aegis on l. shoulder. Rev. CONG I - DAT [POP] / SC Scene of congiarium: on platform, Nero, togate, seated r. on bisellium; next to him, on a second platform, an official seated r., handing congiarium to a citizen standing on a flight of steps, with small boy behind him; in background on l., Minerva standing l., helmeted, holding spear and owl, on lower level r., Liberalitas facing, holding abacus in her r. hand. BN II, 149, 275. RIC 161, 153. C. 69.
Very rare type. Blackish green patina, slightly smoothed on rev.
Obv. Good very fine. Rev. Very fine

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