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Lot 62

Estimate: 1'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 800 CHF ---
EASTERN CELTS. Imitations of coins of Philip II of Macedonia. Tetradrachm, early imitation, about 315-295 BC. AR 12.68 g. Bearded, laureate head of Zeus r. Rev. ΦΙΛΙΠΠ - ΟΥ Nude youth on horseback r., holding palm branch; between legs of horse, I and dolphin. Göbl, OTA, cf. pl. 4,4 (close, but without I. Cf. Le Rider, Ph. pl. 48,4-5 (close, on rev. thunderbolt over I).
Rare and of good style. Nicely toned. Extremely fine
Maybe still a regular Macedonian issue.

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