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Lot 87

Estimate: 25'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 20'000 CHF Price realized: 42'000 CHF
THE ROMAN EMPIRE. CLODIUS MACER, propraetor in Africa under Nero, AD 68. Denarius, North Africa (Carthago ?). AR 3.56 g. L CLODI MACRI / SC Bust r. of Victoria. Rev. LIB - AVG Between two standards, eagle facing r.; below, LEG - III. RIC 194, 15. BMC 286, 4. C. 4. BN III, 65, 4. K.V. Hewitt, The Coinage of Clodius Macer, NC 1983, 24.
Of the highest rarity, less than 10 specimens known of this type. Nice toning, extremely fine
The Galba Collection.
M. Munoz collection
Nelson Bunker Hunt collection
Auction Superior Galleries, Beverly Hills June 8, 1981, 1722
Auction Sotheby's, New York-The Nelson Bunker Hunt Collection, New York Dec. 4, 1990, 70
Auction Leu Numismatics Ltd., Zurich 83 (2002), 728.

Lucius Clodius Macer was a legatus of the Roman Empire in Africa in the time of Nero. He revolted in May 68, cutting off the food supply of Rome. Galba first encouraged him, but soon became worried about Macer’s imperial ambitions. In October 68, Macer was assassinated on the order of Galba. During his short revolt, he produced extremely rare denarii which bear the formulaic abbreviation S C (senatus consulto). This is very unusual for this abbreviation otherwise had only rarely appeared on Roman silver coins since about 40 BC. This might be an evidence that he wished to portray his revolt as being against Nero, and not against the senate.

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