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Lot 152

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THE CIVIL WARS. THE GALBA COLLECTION. GALBA, AD 68-69. Aureus, July 68 - January 69. AV 7.23 g. IMP SER GALBA CAESAR AVG PM Laureate head r. Rev. VICTORIA - PR Victoria, wearing long dress, floating l. on a globe, holding palm branch in her l. hand, wreath in her outstretched r. hand. RIC 243, 233. BMC 315, 47. C. 329. BN III, 43, 105. Calicó I, 117, 516.
Of the highest rarity. Strong portrait on large flan. Choice extremely fine
Provenance: The Galba Collection
The Claude Vaudecrâne Collection
Privately purchased from Leu Numismatik AG, Zurich, 2004.
Galba was Roman emperor for seven months from 68 to 69. The governor of Hispania Tarraconensis at the time of the rebellion of Julius Vindex in Gaul, he seized the throne following Nero's suicide. Born into a wealthy family, Galba was a capable military officer during the first half of the first century AD. He retired during Nero's reign but was later granted the governorship of Hispania Tarraconensis. Taking advantage of the defeat of Vindex's rebellion and Nero's suicide, he became emperor with the support of the Praetorian Guard. Galba was the oldest emperor to date and his physical weakness and general apathy led to his being dominated by favourites. Unable to gain popularity with the people or maintain the support of the Praetorian Guard, Galba was killed by Otho, who rebelled when Galba passed him over as his successor. He was the first emperor of the Year of the Four Emperors and the last emperor born in the first century BC.

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