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Lot 446

Estimate: 50'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 40'000 CHF Price realized: 75'000 CHF
GREAT BRITAIN. UNITED KINGDOM. William III, 1694-1702. 5 Guineas 1701, London. GVLIELMVS III DEI GRA. Laureate bust of king to right // MAG BR FRA ET HIB REX. Four crowned shields and four sceptres, Lion of Nassau in centre. DECIMO TERTIO on edge. Fr. 310; Spink 3456. 41,72 g.

Extremely rare in this quality. In NGC Slab, graded MS 62 - Choice uncirculated with charming gold toning

William III also widely known as William of Orange, was sovereign Prince of Orange from birth, Stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Gelderland, and Overijssel in the Dutch Republic from 1672, and King of England, Ireland, and Scotland from 1689 until his death in 1702. William's primary achievement was to contain France, as his life's aim was largely to oppose Louis XIV of France. This effort continued after his death during the War of the Spanish Succession. An important consequence of William's reign in England involved the ending of a bitter conflict between Crown and Parliament that had lasted since the accession of the first English monarch of the House of Stuart, James I, in 1603. The conflict over royal and parliamentary power had led to the English Civil War during the 1640s and the Glorious Revolution of 1688. During William's reign, however, the conflict was settled in Parliament's favour by the Bill of Rights 1689, the Triennial Act 1694 and the Act of Settlement 1701.

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