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Lot 723

Estimate: 200'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 160'000 CHF Price realized: 260'000 CHF
Impressive Goldnugget with exceptional high purity. ca. 160 mm x 110 x 35 mm. 3'787 g. 121.8 oz.
GOLD. 990 fine. Of the highest rarity and most charming in its unusual spear head shape.
Provenance: West Australia. With certificate of authenticity and volume analyse from the University of Bern.

For all numismatic enthousiasts, here some interesting figures: this gold nugget would have allowed to strike: over 1000 Ducats, or over 500 Roman Aureii, or almost 600 Swiss Vrenelis or over 100 South African Krugerrands!
We are very pleased to offer for sale an exceptional collection of Australian gold nuggets.
Since the first Australian Gold Rush in May 1851, Gold has driven hundreds of thousands gold seekers, adventurers and treasure hunters to the most hostiles conditions of the Australian Bush. Spending hours, days, years and even entire lives seeking for the mirage and glimpse of the most precious metal ever: GOLD!
All these gold nuggets are the untouched testimony of the millenary history of our planet. Their unique shapes are the results of millions of years of Mother Nature kneading process since the gold, expelled from the earth core by geothermal activity, reached the surface of the earth.
The central piece of this collection is an exceptional 3.787 Kg. spearhead shaped gold nugget of the highest rarity. With only a small amount of nuggets of this size ever found and only a few offered for sale on a public auction, this is a truly unique opportunity for all gold lovers, to feel and succumb the effects of the Gold Fever.

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