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Lot 65

Estimate: 5'000 EUR   |   Starting price: 3'000 EUR Price realized: 6'000 EUR
KÖNIGREICH BOSPORUS. ASANDER (43-16). Gold Stater. Dated regnal year 6 = 42-41. Diademed head of Asander right with long, flowing hair. Rev: ASANDROU BASILEWS. Nike standing on galley prow left, holding wreath in extended right hand and palm frond in left, date C over monogram in left field. Frolova 11; Nowotka 3-4; RPC 1848. 8,19g. Some minor dents, otherwise extremely fine.
By 47 BC, Asander married as his second wife the daughter of Pharnaces II from his Sarmatian wife, Dynamis. She was a granddaughter of King Mithridates VI of Pontus and from his first wife, his sister Laodice. In 47 BC, Asander revolted against Pharnaces II, who had appointed him as regent of the Bosporan Kingdom, during the war against General of the Roman Republic, Gnaeus Domitius Calvinus. He hoped by deserting and betraying his father-in-law, Asander would win favor with the Romans and they could help him become Bosporan King. Pharnaces II was defeated by the Romans. He fled and took refuge from the Romans with his supporters. Asander found Pharnaces II and put Pharnaces II and his supporters to death. Asander became Bosporan King and was able to retain the throne with his wife Dynamis as Queen. This was so, until Roman Dictator Gaius Julius Caesar commanded a paternal uncle of Dynamis, Mithridates II to declare war on the Bosporan Kingdom and claimed the kingship for himself. Asander and Dynamis were defeated by Mithridates II and had gone into political exile. However, after the death of Julius Caesar in 44 BC, the Bosporan Kingdom was restored to Asander and Dynamis by Julius Caesar’s great nephew and heir Octavian (future Roman Emperor Augustus). Dynamis bore Asander a son called Aspurgus. There is a possibility that Asander and Dynamis may have had other children.

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