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Corded Triangle. Weald Upright Box. c.50-40 BC. Gold quarter stater. 11mm. 1.32g. Plain obverse./ Horse left, corded ‘triangle’ above with ringed-pellet in centre, ring above and below tail, ringed-pellets around, cross-hatched net below. ABC−, VA−, BMC 2470, DK 62, S 172. CCI 04.1098 (this coin). Nr EF/EF, neat flan of rose gold, stunning horse, well ornamented, full triangle and net. Easily the finest we’ve ever had – and we’ve had a lot. Ex Larry Baker collection. RARE. 

This beautiful example – the finest we’ve seen of forty known specimens – clearly reveals the full array of interesting ornaments. The upright rectangular object below the horse is almost certainly a fishing net, which is a most appropriate tribal emblem for a tribe which was surrounded by sea and blessed with fish-rich rivers. The inverted triangle is more mysterious. We don’t for one moment think it is a stylised wing, though this interpretation is theoretically possible. In India, Greece and Rome, triangles were often used as decorative motifs in friezes. Their significance probably remained constant: point uppermost, triangles represented fire and male genetalia; point downwards water and female sexual organs. In India, the inverted triangle is a symbol of the yoni or womb. In iron age Kent, linking an aquatic fertility symbol with a fishing net makes sense, doesn’t it?

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