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Lot 63017

Estimate: 200 USD   |   Starting price: 1 USD Price realized: 138 USD
MACEDONIAN KINGDOM. Alexander III the Great (336-323 BC). AR tetradrachm (16.36 gm). VF. Posthumous issue of uncertain mint in Asia Minor, ca. 240-180? BC. Head of Heracles right, wearing lion-skin headdress, paws tied before neck / AΛEΞANΔPOY-BAΣIΛEΩΣ, Zeus enthroned left, left leg drawn back, feet on stool, eagle in right hand, scepter in left; M in left field, ΔH monogram below throne. Price -. Note - the ΔH monogram is not listed for any tetradrachms in Price. The most similar issue is Price 2823 with ΔHI monogram in the left field. A very interesting coin worthy of further research for the specialist collector.HID05401242017

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