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Lot 50

Estimate: 25'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 20'000 CHF Price realized: 24'000 CHF
Commodus, 177 – 193. Aureus 186-187, AV 7.17 g. M COMM ANT P – FEL AVG BRIT Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust r. Rev. NOBILIT AVG P M TR P XII IMP VIII COS V P P Nobilitas standing r., holding sceptre and statuette of Minerva (?). C 384 var. (laureate only). BMC 216. RIC 155a. Calicó 2291 (these dies).
Very rare. Struck on a very broad flan and perfectly centred.
Virtully as struck and almost Fdc

This coin published:

Silvia Mani Hurter, Kaiser Roms im Münzporträt. 55 Aurei der Sammlung Götz Grabert, Stuttgart 2003, 20.


Offered by Anton Tkalec AG, Zürich, auction 23 October 1992, lot 284.

Götz Grabert (1924-2000) Collection, sold by LHS Numismatik, Zürich, auction 97, 10 May 2006, lot 37.

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