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Lot 178

Estimate: 6'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 4'800 CHF Price realized: 11'000 CHF
Himera. Tetradrachm before 405, AR 17.14 g. Fast quadriga driven r. by nymph Himera; above Nike flying to l. to crown her with r. hand, while holding with her l. a tablet inscribed MAI. In exergue, hippocamp l. Rev. [IM]EPAION retrograde. The nymph Himera, wearing kiton and peplos, standing to front and facing l.; she holds patera in r. hand sacrificing over altar with square horns, while her l. arm is extended with open hands. To r., bearded Satyr facing, bathing in fountain basin, water emanating from a spout in the shape of a lion's head. In exergue, [II]. Rizzo pl. XXI, 23 (these dies). Kraay-Hirmer pl. 22,71 (these dies). C.A. Biucchi, Q. Tic 17, 1988, 22 (these dies). Gutmann-Schwabacher 20 (these dies). C. Boehringer, Essay Kraay-Mørkholm, Himera im IV Jahrhundert V. Chr., pl. VII, 9 (these dies).
Light iridescent tone, virtually as struck and almost Fdc

Ex Sotheby’s sale 5 July 1995, Two Hundred Highly Important Greek and Roman Coins, 16.

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