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Lot 194

Estimate: 10'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 8'000 CHF ---
Syracuse. Tetradrachm circa 450–440, AR 17.23 g. Slow quadriga driven r. by charioteer; above, Nike flying r. to crown the horses. In exergue, sea-monster to r. Rev. ΣVΡAKO – ΣI – O – N Head of Arethusa r., surrounded by four dolphins swimming clockwise; hair bound with a plain, broad diadem, wound twice around the head and fastened with a cord, turned up at the back under a diadem and protruding in a bunch above. She wears a circular earring and triple necklace, middle strand dotted. Rizzo pl. XXXVII, 9 (these dies). SNG Lloyd 1323 (these dies). AMB 439 (this reverse die). SNG Lockett 936 (this reverse dies). SNG ANS 172 (this reverse die). Boehringer 536.
A wonderful portrait of fine style perfectly struck and centred on a full flan.
An unobtrusive scrape on obverse, otherwise good extremely fine

Ex CNG-NAC sale 40, 1996, 851.

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