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Chubby Cheek. Charioteer and Boar Type. c.80-50 BC. Gold half stater. 20mm. 3.06g. Round-faced head left, with large triangular eye-socket, chubby cheek and inverted boar on neck./ Stylised horse with circular head galloping right, birdlike charioteer floating above, clutching double reins in right-hand, boar right, below, pellet in big beaded ring before. LT−; DT 2401. Near EF, gorgeous golden gold, large flan, superb head, remarkably detailed reverse. One of the handsomest gold coins to come out of Gallia Celtica. A scarce type rarely seen in British or American catalogues. Ex Christine Willans collection. SCARCE

Aulerci means ‘those who are far from their tracks.’ Eburovices means ‘those who conquer by the yew’ i.e. who fight with bows or spears made from yew trees. The boar may represent the dark forces of the night. Note the boar upside down on the neck of the sun god. A tribal tattoo perhaps? A fascinating coin rich in Celtic mythology.

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