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Cunobelinus Wild Heart. Sills class 5, dies 42/75. c.AD8-41. Gold stater. 16-20mm. 5.36g. Ear of barley without central stalk, CA to left, MV to right./ Stallion rearing up right, star and branch above, heart-shape between front legs, CVNO below, beaded border. ABC 2780, VA 1931-3, BMC 1793, DK 559, S 284. CCI 08.8165 (this coin). Good VF, large flan of toned rose gold, bold horse, clear heart. A well documented example of the most hotly desired Cunobelinus gold stater. Ex John Dresser collection; ex Peus 5.11.1986, lot 59; “dug up at Leyton, Essex” in 1927. EXTREMELY RARE only six others recorded, including one in the British Museum.

The heart-shape on this magnificent Wild Heart gold stater is a simplified version of the heart-face seen on Cunobelinus’ biga staters and quarters (ABC 2771, 2807). As we’ve said before, we believe this heart-face signifies the war-god Camulos (‘The Potent One’) and therefore also Camulodunon, which Cunobelinus took from Dubnovellaunos, which explains why Cuno’s rearing stallion holds the heart-shape between its thrashing forelegs. Figuratively, Cuno’s war-horse is capturing Camulodunon. The first known Wild Heart stater (BMC 1793) was found at Debenham, Suffolk, in 1801. Our Wild Heart stater has a 90-year-old pedigree and has been published by Derek Allen in The Origins of Coinage in Britain: A Reappraisal, Problems of the Iron Age in Southern Britain, ed. S.S.Frere (1960), p.230 (this coin); Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles 30,no.50 (this coin); and by Dr John Sills in Divided Kingdoms (Chris Rudd 2017) p.657and 678 (this coin).

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