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Lot 63010

Estimate: 300 USD   |   Starting price: 150 USD Price realized: 276 USD
MACEDONIAN KINGDOM. Alexander III the Great (336-323 BC). AR tetradrachm (17.02 gm). AU. Late lifetime or early posthumous issue of uncertain mint in Asia Minor, ca. 323-320 BC. Head of Heracles right, wearing lion skin headdress, paws tied before neck / AΛEΞANΔPOY, Zeus seated left on backless throne, right leg drawn back, feet on ground line, eagle in right hand, scepter in left; retrograde B under strut. Price -. Price only lists three types with a retrograde B - 3409 (obol, B in left field); 3416 (tetradrachm, O B in left field and IA under strut); and B15 (drachm, star in left field, B under throne). We can immediately rule out the barbarous B15 as the style is completely different than this coin. The shape of the B on Berytus 3416 is more rounded, whereas on the present specimen is quite angular, and the compact engraving of the eagle and extra tail feathers also differs greatly from the plate coin. Price 3409 is unplated and there are no examples in sales archives to which a comparison can be made. As a final note, the shape and execution of the flan is also quite out of the ordinary, overall leaving inconclusive evidence to allow a certain attribution to a known mint.HID05401242017

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