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Lot 63065

Estimate: 100 USD   |   Starting price: 1 USD Price realized: 156 USD
A. Plautius Aed.Cvr (55 BC). AR denarius. NGC VF. Rome. A • PLAVTIVS-AED • CVR • S • C, turreted head of Cybele right / BACCHIVS-IVDAEVS, Bacchius (Aristobulus?) kneeling right, olive branch upward in right hand, reins in left of camel at side. Crawford 431/1. Sydenham 932. Plautia 13. The 'Bacchius the Jew' shown kneeling on supplication on the reverse of this piece is almost certainly Judah Aristobulus II, who attempted to usurp the throne of Judea from his brother John Hyrcanus II between 67 and 63 BC. Pompey the Great sided with Hyrcanus and subjected Jerusalem to a brutal siege and sacking to depose the usurper Aristobulus. Forced to kneel in submission to Pompey, Aristobulus was permitted to live as a hostage in Rome, but later escaped and tried to resume the throne, only to be thwarted again by Pompey's lieutenant M. Aemilius Scaurus. The term 'Bacchius' may refer to the Roman misconception that Hellenized Jews like Aristobulus worshipped Dionysus, whom the Romans knew as Bacchus. HID05401242017

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