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Lot 63092

Estimate: 800 USD   |   Starting price: 400 USD ---
Romanus IV Diogenes (AD 1068-1071), with Eudocia, Michael VII, Constantius and Andronicus. AV histamenon nomisma (4.39 gm). NGC MS 4/5 - 4/5. Constantinople. + PωMAN'-ЄVΔOKIA, central figure of nimbate Christ, standing facing on dais, reaching up with both hands to crown Romanus (on left), and Eudocia (on right), each wearing crown and loros and holding globus cruciger with inner hand; IC-XC across fields /  KωN-MX-ANΔ, three figures of Michael VII (in center), Constantius (on left) and Andronicus (on right) standing facing on jeweled exergual line, each crowned and wearing saccos and loros; Michael holding transverse jeweled vexillum in right hand and akakia in left, the other two each holding globus cruciger in outer hand and akakia in inner hand. Sear 1861.HID05401242017

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