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Lot 26

Estimate: 25'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 25'000 CHF Price realized: 80'000 CHF
SICILY. SYRACUSE. Dekadrachm, signed by the master-engraver Euainetos, about 400-390 BC. AR 41.28 g. Fast quadriga l., the charioteer, wearing sleeveless chiton, holds the reins with his l. hand, the kentron in his r. hand; he is crowned by Nike flying r.; in the exergue, panoply of armour: cuirass, greaves, shield and helmet on two steps, below [AΘΛA]. Rev. ΣYΡAKOΣIΩN Head of Kore-Persephone l., crowned with reed, wearing a triple-pendant earring and a necklace; around, four dolphins, below the one under the truncation signature EY-AINE. Gallatin 17, R III/C.IV (these dies); SNG ANS 363.

Rare. Masterwork of Sicilian coin-engraving of excellent classical style.

Slight traces of earlier cleaning. Extremely fine

Provenance: Auction Adolph Hess AG, Lucerne, 14 April 1954, 67.

Coins of the artist Euainetos are among the most exquisite works of art from the ancient Greek world. Of special value are his decadrachms, which must have been distributed widely, for they were influential to artists in regions far removed from the shores of Sicily. It is unlikely that many were exported through the normal channels of commerce, and we might suggest that, much like the staters of Olympia, some were acquired as keepsakes and were carried to a variety of destinations.

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