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Lot 39

Estimate: 5'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 5'000 CHF Price realized: 6'000 CHF
MACEDONIA. CHALCIDIC LEAGUE. Tetradrachm, Olynthus mint, about 380-360 BC. AR 14.44 g. Laureate head of Apollo l. Rev. X -A - Λ /KIΔ / EΩN Cithara with seven strings, all within shallow incuse square. Robinson-Clement 23, 20 (these dies). SNG ANS 473.
Beautiful classical style. High relief. Good extremely fine
Provenance: Auction Numismatica Ars Classica (NAC) AG, Zurich 64 (2012), 778.
The Chalcidice is a three-fingered spit of land extending from eastern Macedon into the Aegean Sea. Wary of Athenian imperialism and the rising power of the Macedonian Kingdom, the free cities of the Chalcidice banded together in 432 BC to form a defensive coalition called the Chalcidian League, with its capital of Olynthus. The silver coinage struck at Olynthus was on the Macedonian standard, somewhat lighter than the Attic standard employed by most of Greece, and was legal tender at all cities belonging to the league. The standard design featured a head of Apollo, god of beauty, art and music, with a type of lyre called a cithara on the reverse. The heads of Apollo on these pieces are remarkable for the strength and beauty of their style. Some of the most beautiful dies in the series were produced in the mid-380s BC, of which an outstanding example is seen here. Sadly, the Chalcidian League's coinage came to an end with the capture and destruction of Olynthus by King Philip II of Macedon in 348 BC.

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