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Lot 81

Estimate: 1'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 1'000 CHF Price realized: 1'400 CHF
SELEUCID KINGDOM OF SYRIA. SELEUCUS I NICATOR, king 321-280 BC. Tetradrachm, Seleuceia, after 296 BC. AR 17.07 g. Laureate head of Zeus r. Rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ - ΣEΛEYKOY Athena, wearing chiton, peplos and Corinthian helmet r. in fighting position in elephant quadriga, brandishing spear and holding shield; in upper r. field, Selucid anchor, behind Athena Θ, below shield, monogram. Newell, ESM 31, 84; SC I, 60, 120.34c.
Thick flan. Obv. very fine. Rev. Extremely fine

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