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Lot 93

Estimate: 5'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 5'000 CHF ---
THRACIA. PERINTHUS. Caracalla, 197-217. Medallion, bronze, 216-217. AE 28.42 g. Laureate, cuirassed bust r., holding spear over l. shoulder, medusa on breast plate. Rev. PªPINΘIΩN - NªΩKOPΩN Two neocorate temples in perspective view, above, two prize crowns and AKTIA ΠYΘI/A Schönert-Geiss, P. 601; Varbanov III, 43, 278.
Rare and impressive. Large flan. Dark green patina, sligly smoothed. Extremely fine
Provenance: The Osaka Collection.
In AD 216 Perinthus hosted the Pythian-Actian Games in Caracalla's honor.

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