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Lot 105

Estimate: 10'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 10'000 CHF Price realized: 19'000 CHF
COINS OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. Nero, AD 54-68. Sestertius, about 64. AE 26.67 g. Laureate head l. Rev. CONG II - DAT - POP /SC Nero, togate, seated l. on curule chair on raised daïs, his r. hand extended, at his side, praefectus annonae standing r.; before tetrastyle building, figure standing r., wearing long dress and mantle, extending both his hands to receive tessera from figure standing l. and holding abacus, wearing short tunica; behind him, statue of Minerva on high pedestal, wearing helmet, holding scepter with her l. hand, owl on her outstretched r. hand. BMC 226, 141var. (obv. with aegis); C. 79; RIC 162, 162.
Rare and interesting rev. type. Attractive Tiber patina. Good style.
Obv. extremely fine. Rev. good very fine
Provenance: Auctions TRITON, New York VII (2004), 874 and XIV (2011), 658.

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