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Lot 136

Estimate: 25'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 25'000 CHF Price realized: 20'000 CHF
COINS OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. Crispus, 317-326. Light Miliarense (silver), Siscia, 326. AR 4.10 g. DN CRISPVS NOB CAESAR Laureate, cuirassed bust r. Rev. CRISPVS CAESAR / SIS Four standards. RIC VIII, not, but see 449, 198 and 199 for the corresponding issues for Constantinus I and Constantius II Caesar; Bastien, Donativa, cf. 79, b and note 12 (donativa for the consulates of Constantine I and Constantius II); cf. auction P.-F. Jacquier, Kehl 40 (2015), 528 (this specimen).
Unique. Excellent dark tone. Extremely fine
Provenance: Auction P.-F. Jacquier, Kehl 40 (2015), 528.
This so far unique miliarense for Crispus has probably been struck immediately preceeding his assassination in the spring of AD 326, ordered by his father Constantine I (Minervina was his mother). He had been elected Caesar in 318 at the same time as his half- brother Constantine II and Licinius II. We do not know why he had lost his father's affection; the fact that Fausta, Constantine's wife, was accused of high treason and condemned to death at about the same time, gave space of a lot of speculation.

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