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Lot 137

Estimate: 350 CHF   |   Starting price: 350 CHF Price realized: 320 CHF
COINS OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. Hannibalianus, 335-337. Small bronze (nummus), Constantinople. AE 1.71 g. Bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust r. Rev. SE-CVRITAS PVBLICA / CONSS River-god Euphrates, wearing long himation, seated r., holding scepter with his r. hand, reed at his side; below, urn from which liquid flows. C. 2; RIC VII, 589, 147.
Rare. Blackish-green patina. Extremely fine
Hannibalianus was the son of Delmatius, stepbrother of Constantine I. In AD 335 Constantine reorganized the competences for the empire. To protect the peripheric regions in the East against the Sasanians, he established a new kingdom consisting of parts of Armenia, Cappadocia and Mesopotamia and he placed Hannibalianus on the throne and married him with his daughter Constantia. After the death of Constantine I in 337, Hannibalianus was murdered in Constantinople on the orders of Constantius II.

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