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Estimate: 1'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 1'000 CHF Price realized: 4'000 CHF
The Knights of St. John in Rhodes. Emery d'Amboise, 41th Grand Master, 1503-1512. Ducato, n.d. AV 3.44 g. f.MB(!)RICVS.DAMB - S/I/O/h/A/N/I/S/ . The Grand Master kneeling l., receiving from St. John, nimbate and standing r., staff with flag of the Order; below flag, M/B and rosette. Rev..SIT .T.XPª. DATVS T - V.RªGIS.ISTª. DVC. Within dotted mandorla, Christ, bearded and nimbate, standing facing, holding Book of Gospels with his l. hand, his r. hand in benediction; around, ten stars, five on each side. Fr. 9; Gamberini, Contraffazioni 382; Schlumberger, Orient pl. XI, 4var.
Rare. Slightly bent flan. Good very fine
Provenance: Auction Spink and Son, London 63 (1988), 739.
Grand Master Eméry d’Amboise (1503-1512).
Emery d’Amboise came from a prominent French family and was the brother of the famous Cardinal Georges d’Amboise, minister of King Louis XII. He was in France, when news of his election reached him and he immediately set out for Rhodes. Under his rule, the knights of St. John launched several attacks against Turkish and Egyptian ships. In 1507 they captured the largest ship of the Eyptian navy, the Mogarbina „Queen of the seas“, which was sailing off Crete with a large number of passengers and rich merchandise on board. The ship was converted into a warship of the Order and renamed the „The Carrack“. In 1510 two squadrons of the Order of St. John, one of which was commanded by Philippe Villiers de l’Isle-Adam (he became Grand Master in 1521) made a surprise attack on the harbour of Alexandretta, where rich booty was taken. The Grand Master died in 1512, aged 70 years.

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