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Lot 711

Estimate: 1'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 1'000 CHF Price realized: 1'900 CHF
The Knights of St. John in Rhodes. Fabrizio del Carretto, 43rd Grand Master, 1513-1521. Ducato, n.d. AV 3.32 g. F.FABRICII.D.CA. - S/I/O/A/n/n/I/S The Grand Master kneeling l., receiving from St. John, nimbate and standing r., staff with flag of the Order; above in field, M/F and rosette. Rev. .SIT.T.XRª.DAT.Q:TV - RªGIS.ISTª.DVCA Within mandorla, Christ, nimbate, standing facing, holding Book of Gospels in his l. hand, his r. hand raised in benediction, in field l., five stars, r. four stars. Fr. 11; Gamberini, Contraffazioni 386; Schlumberger, Orient pl. XI, 14.
Scarce. Good very fine
Provenance: Auction Adolph Hess AG, Lucerne - Bank Leu & Co. AG, Zurich 32 (Lucerne 1967), 385.
Grand Master Frabrizio del Carretto (1513-1521).
When news of the death of the Grand Master de Blanchefort reached Rhodes, the chap­ter of the Order got together immediately and chose as their new Grand Master, the Admiral Fabrizio del Carretto, a member of a noble family from Genoa. As a Turkish attack seemed imminent, one of the first tasks of the Grand Master was to reinforce the fortifications of the city, to purchase new cannons and generally embark on a large-scale defensive work. The Turkish Sultan Selim I was about to turn his attention towards Rhodes, after having defeated in quick succession the Shah of Persia and the Sultan of Egypt, when he died suddenly (1520).The successor was the ambitious and brilliant Suleiman II, the „Magnificent“,who continuing the bellicose policy of his predecessors, besieged and captured the city of Belgrade at the end of August 1521. The Ottoman state, who’s territory had increased considerably in recent years and who was now in control of most of the Eastern Mediterranean, had one main enemy: the knights of Rho­des, because they constantly threatened Turkish shipping routes. In Rhodes, the Grand Master was well aware of the imminent danger and sent out urgent messages for help to all the rulers in Europe. Only the Pope and King Francis of France were able to promise military aid, the other princes were too involved with their own problems. - Grand Master del Carretto died in January 1521.

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