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Lot 14

Estimate: 500 CHF   |   Starting price: 400 CHF Price realized: 440 CHF
Athens AR New Style Tetradrachm, 144/143 BC

Attica, Athens. AR Tetradrachm (29 mm, 16.74 g), 144/143 BC. New Style issue. Charinautes, Aristeas, and Nika-, magistrates.
Obv. Head of Athena right, wearing triple crested Attic helmet decorated with Pegasos springing right.
Rev, A-ΘE, owl standing right, head facing, on overturned amphora; in fields, magistrates' names: XAPI/NAY/THΣ/ΔIO/NYΣ/OΔΩ - APIΣ/TEAΣ; in right field, Artemis Phosphoros standing facing, holding two torches; B on amphora, ME below; all within laurel wreath.
Thompson 690.

An attractive specimen of the New Style silver series of Athens. Good very fine.

Purchased privately from C.O.F.O.P. Placements, France, in 1991.

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