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Lot 25

Estimate: 950 USD   |   Starting price: 618 USD ---
Arcadius. Solidus
Arcadius. Solidus; Arcadius; 383-408 AD, Constantinople, c. 397-402 AD, Solidus, 4.26g. RIC-7 (S), Depeyrot-55/1 (p. 246, 27 spec. from officina Z). Obv: D N ARCADI - VS P F AVG Helmeted bust facing holding spear over shoulder and shield ornamented with horseman motif. Rx: CONCORDI - A AVGG Z (altered from earlier letter) around, CONOB in exergue, Constantinopolis seated facing, head r., holding scepter and Victory on globe, prow behind r. foot. Ex Pegasi, August 2004, lot 495. The officina letter Z has clearly been engraved over another earlier letter, probably S.. MS

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