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Caracalla (AD 198-217). AR denarius (2.91 gm). NGC AU 5/5 - 4/5. Rome, AD 210-213. ANTONINVS-PIVS AVG BRIT, laureate head of Caracalla right / VICTORIAE-BRIT, Victory advancing right, trophy in both hands. RIC IV, Part I, 231A. In AD 208, Severus led an invasion of Scotland with the object of securing the whole of the British Isles for Rome. He took his sons Caracalla and Geta with him, hoping the hard life on campaign might curb their filial enmity. But what was supposed to be a quick and easy conquest turned into a long, bitter slog, which took its toll on the emperor's health. Despite numerous victories won over the local tribes, the Romans made little headway toward controlling the entire island. On his deathbed in York, Severus begged his sons to "be good to each other, pay the soldiers well, and the rest can to go to hell." He died on February 4, AD 311, at the age of 65. In many ways, his reign marked the absolute apogee of the Roman Empire, and its long, slow decline commenced with the accession of his quarreling sons.HID05401242017

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