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Lot 62066

Estimate: 100 USD   |   Starting price: 1 USD Price realized: 99 USD
Julia Maesa (Augusta, AD 218-224/5). AR denarius (2.70 gm). NGC Choice VF 3/5 - 3/5, brockage. Rome, under Severus Alexander, AD 223/4. IVLIA MAESA AVG, draped bust of Julia Maesa right, seen from front, hair brushed in straight lines and bound in small chignon at back of head / As obverse, incuse and reversed. RIC -. Extremely rare as a brockage. A brockage is a mint error that occurs when a coin becomes stuck in the obverse or reverse die, thus becoming the corresponding "die" for the next coin struck. The result is a coin with one side in proper relief, but the other side bearing the identical image, only reversed and incuse.HID05401242017

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