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Lot 554

Estimate: 1'250 GBP   |   Starting price: 1'000 GBP Price realized: 1'100 GBP
Augustus AR Denarius. Rome, 13 BC. CAESAR AVGVSTVS, bare head right / C•ANTISTIVS • REGINVS, simpulum and lituus above tripod and patera; III•VIR below. RIC 410; BMCRE 119-20 = BMCRR Rome 4661-2; RSC 347. 4.01g, 20mm, 9h.

Good Extremely Fine; beautiful old cabinet tone.

Ex Heritage 3026, 25 September 2013, lot 23353;
Ex Roma Numismatics V, 23 March 2013, lot 662 (hammer: £1,600);
Ex Fritz Rudolf Künker 216, 8 October 2012, lot 757;
Ex Roma Numismatics II, 2 October 2011, lot 565.

The reverse of this coin highlights Augustus' religious roles in Roman society as Pontifex, Augur, Quindecimvir sacris faciundis and member of the Septemviri Epulones. As such, he was a member of the four most senior collegia. The priests chosen to be inducted into these collegia consisted for the most part of leading members of the ruling elite, including at any point ex-consuls, who were, like senators, appointed for life.

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