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Lot 568

Estimate: 50 GBP   |   Starting price: 40 GBP Price realized: 60 GBP
Nero Æ Sestertius. Rome, circa AD 64(?). NERO•CLAVD•CAESAR• AVG•GER•P•M•TR•P•IMP P P, laureate bust right / Garlanded triumphal arch surmounted by statue of Nero in facing quadriga, escorted on right by Victory holding wreath and palm and on left by Pax holding caduceus and cornucopiae; just below the quadriga on extreme left and right, two small figures of soldiers; on left side of arch in niche, figure of Mars standing facing, holding spear and round shield; ornamental reliefs on the faces and plinths of the arch. Cf. RIC 147; BMCRE 187. 20.75g, 34mm, 9h.

Good Fine. Interesting architectural rev.

The triumphal arch depicted here is the Arcus Neronis, a now lost triumphal arch dedicated to the emperor Nero that was erected in the years between AD 58 and 62.The arch was commissioned to commemorate the victories won by Nero's great general Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo in Parthia (Tacitus, Annals 13.41; 15.18). It was located on the side of the Capitoline Hill, and was likely destroyed soon after Nero's death in AD 68.

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