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Lot 63068

Estimate: 200 USD   |   Starting price: 1 USD Price realized: 432 USD
THRACE. Perinthus. Caracalla (AD 198-211). AE40 medallion (40.30 gm). NGC VF 5/5 - 3/5. AVT K M AYP CEOVEP ANTΩNINOC AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Caracalla right / ΠERI-N-ΘIΩN, APTIAΠYΘIA NEΩ KOP-ΩN, two neocorate temples facing each other at ¾ perspective angle, prize urns above. Cf. Schoenert 616, pl. 34-36 (same types, but different reverse die). The term "Neocorate" on this impressive medallion refers to a special status conferred on certain cities in Asia Minor to establish cults to the Roman emperors and the Imperial family. The two temples here are dedicated to the "games of brotherly love" Perinthus had instituted for Caracalla and Geta during their father's reign, no doubt the occasion for which this special commemorative medallion was struck. After Caracalla assassinated Geta in late AD 211, the games continued, dedicated to the surviving brother.HID05401242017

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