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Session II, Lot 1866

Estimate: 260'000 USD   |   Starting price: 200'000 USD Price realized: 220'000 USD
MUGHAL: Jahangir, 1605-1628, AV portrait mohur (10.80g), Ajmer (Ajmir), AH1023 year 9, KM-197.6, magnificent design and calligraphy, same dies as #319 of the British Museum (published by Lane-Poole in 1892), and far superior to another example from the same dies, but only good fine condition, that sold in the Triton Auction XIX, Lot 2398, for $350,000., NGC graded AU55. The so-called "bacchanalian" mohur portrays, on the obverse, Jahangir seated cross-legged on the throne, nimbate, holding up a wine cup, boldly proclaiming his love of wine and other alcoholic beverages. The reverse center bears the radiant sun, said to represent the month of his birth, with the date & mint to the left, his regnal year to the right. The Persian couplet, engraved in the most elegant Persian calligraphy, is divided between obverse & reverse, which was translated by Stanley Lane-Poole as "Destiny has drawn on money of gold / The portrait of his Majesty Sháh Jahángír / The letters of Jahángír and Alláhu Akbar / Are equal in value from the beginning of time". The abjad value of both Jahángír and Alláhu Akbar each equal 292.

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