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Lot 95

Estimate: 750 GBP   |   Starting price: 600 GBP Price realized: 1'200 GBP
North Africa, Carthage AR Quarter-Shekel. Carthaginian occupation of Spain. Carthago Nova, circa 237-209 BC. Beardless and laureate head of Melkart left, club over shoulder / Elephant standing right. MHC 57; CNH pg. 65, 15; Robinson, Punic 6(d); SNG BM Spain 99; SNG Copenhagen 293. 1.73g, 13mm, 11h.

Good Very Fine. Toned. Rare.

In 237 BC Hamilcar Barca and his son Hannibal led a Carthaginian army to the Iberian peninsula with the aim of building a base from which war with Rome could be renewed. Hamilcar succeeded in bringing many Spanish tribes under Carthaginian dominion, but they would spend the next twenty years solidifying their rule in Iberia. Following the assassination of Hannibal's brother-in-law Hasdrubal in 221 BC, Hannibal was proclaimed commander in chief of the Carthaginian forces, and immediately reverted to a policy that would lead to war with Rome.

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