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Lot 34

Estimate: 1'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 800 CHF Price realized: 2'300 CHF
Chios AE Triassarion, very rare

Ionia, Chios. Pseudo-autonomous. Tempus Traiani aut Hadriani (98-138 AD). AE Triassarion (32-33 mm, 21.18 g).
Obv. ΤΡΙΑ ΑССΑΡΙΑ, Sphinx seated left, lifting right paw over prow of galley.
Rev. Χ - Ι / Ω - Ν, Standing figures of Apollo and Dionysus facing front; star in exergue.
RPC 1908 (2 ex.).

Very rare and by far the best specimen known. Good very fine.

The sphinx served as the badge of Chios. - One of the few ancient coins bearing not only a mark of value, but also the name of the denomination.

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