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Lot 175

Estimate: 20'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 16'000 CHF Price realized: 25'000 CHF
Antoninus Pius augustus, 138 – 161. Aureus 145-161, AV 7.08 g. ANTONINVS AVG – PIVS P P TR P COS IIII Laureate bust r. with drapery on l. shoulder. Rev. A. Pius seated l. on platform extending r. hand and holding scroll in l.; before him Liberalitas standing l., holding account-board and cornucopiae; in front, citizen with outstretched hands. In exergue, LIB IIII. C 496 var. (without drapery). BMC 546. RIC 141 var. (without drapery). Calicó 1572.
Rare and possibly the finest specimen known. A magnificent portrait and an incredibly
detailed reverse composition. Virtually as struck and almost Fdc
Ex Gemini sale XI, 2014, 442. From the Collection of a Retired Banker.

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