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Lot 38

Estimate: 4'500 CHF   |   Starting price: 3'600 CHF Price realized: 6'500 CHF
The Carthaginians in Italy, Sicily and North Africa. Tetradrachm, uncertain mint in Sicily "people of the camp" circa 320, AR 17.07 g. Head of Tanit (Kore-Persephone) l., wearing barley-wreath, earring and necklace; around, four dolphins. Rev. Horse’s head l.; behind, palm tree with date clusters. Below neck truncation, ‘mmhnt in Punic characters. SNG Lloyd 1631 (these dies). de Luynes 1448 (these dies). Jenkins Punic Sicily III, 148.
A portrait of lovely style struck on a very broad flan and complete.
Light iridescent tone and extremely fine
Ex NFA FPL 41, 1992, 63; Sotheby's 27 October 1993, Athena fund, 297 and CNG XXXIV, 1995, 43 sales.

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