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Lot 57

Estimate: 18'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 14'000 CHF ---
Domitien (81-96)
Aureus - Rome (73)
Rare et magnifique exemplaire.
Une infime marque sur la tranche.
7.23g - Cal. 811
Superbe à FDC - CHOICE AU
This superb and unusual anepigraphic reverse undoubtedly shows Domitian in his Roman triumph, celebrating his victorious return from Judaea after the “Great Revolt” (i.e. the first Jewish-Roman war of AD 66-73). Indeed, Flavius Joseph (Jewish War V.5). wrote that “But for those [the spoils] that were taken in the temple of Jerusalem, they made the greatest figure of them all […]. After these spoils passed by a great many men, carrying the images of victory, whose structure was entirely either of ivory, or of gold. After which, Vespasian marched in the first place, and Titus followed him; Domitian also rode along with them, and made a glorious appearance, and rode on a horse that was worthy of admiration.” And Suetonius documented that “to give him a better realization of his youth and position, he [Domitian] had to live with his father, and when they appeared in public he followed the emperor’s chair and that of his brother in a litter, while he also attended their triumph over Judea riding on a white horse.”

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