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Lot 98

Estimate: 22'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 18'000 CHF Price realized: 28'000 CHF
Trajan Dèce (249-251)
Aureus - Rome (249-251)
Très rare et d’une qualité exceptionnelle.
D’un style remarquable.
Exemplaire de la vente Rauch 87 du 8 décembre 2010, N°739
4.49g - Cal. 3295 (var. d’enseignes)
FDC Exceptionnel - CHOICE MS *
The Pannonians were a tribe that had absorbed many Celtic customs into their own culture, and the name was used for a province in the north of Illyricum, bordering the Danube, which was established in AD 9. Decius was born in this area c. AD 201, near Sirmium (now Sremska Mitrovica in Serbia), and the choice to adopt Trajan’s name is significant considering that it was he who – after an- nexing Dacia in AD 106 – divided the region into the larger Pannonia Superior to the West, and Pannonia inferior to the East, both having to face assailants: Germans and Sarmatians. In addition to being his birthplace, Pannonia is especially significant to Decius because Philip I had asked him in AD 248 to head an army sent to the Danubian front to crush the usurper Pacatianus in Mesia, and eject Gothic invaders, and this is where his soldiers proclaimed him emperor (he then defeated Philip in battle).

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