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Lot 847

Estimate: 5'000 GBP   |   Starting price: 4'000 GBP Price realized: 4'000 GBP
Justinian I AR Half Miliaresion or Siliqua. Constantinople or Sicily, circa AD 527-565. D N IVSTININIANVS P P AVG, helmeted, diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right / GLORI ROMANORVM, Justinian in military dress standing facing, head left, holding spear and globus cruciger; SILOI in exergue. A.U. Sommer, ‘Nueue Münzen des Byzantinischen Reiches I’, in NBB 10/16, pp. 401-2; otherwise unpublished - for type cf. MIB 49 and Sear 150. 2.06g, 19mm, 5h.

Good Very Fine. Of the greatest rarity; the second (and finest) known example.

From a private British collection.

The only other recorded specimen was published by A. U. Sommer (Nueue Münzen des Byzantinischen Reiches I’, in NBB 10/16, pp. 401-2), where it was considered as a possible new issue of Sicily during the reconquest period of the island by Justinian's great general Belisarius from AD 541.

The exergual legend SILOI almost certainly implies that the new silver denomination, which we call a half-miliaresion, was the equivalent of a siliqua of gold (1/24 of a gold solidus).

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