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Lot 94

Estimate: -   |   Starting price: 25'000 CHF Price realized: 26'000 CHF
COINS OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. Titus, AD 79-81. Aureus, posthumous, restitution by Trajan, 108-111. AV 7.18 g. IMP.TITVS. CAES. VESPASIAN.AVGP.M. Laureate head l. of Divus Titus. Rev. IMP.CAES.TRAIAN.AVG. GER.DAC. P.P.REST Trophy. Cf. Auction Sangiorgi, Rome - The Marchese C. Strozzi collection, 15-22 April 1907,1866 and pl. XV (these dies). BN IV, 73,483var. (head r.); Calicó I, 170,801 (drawing); RIC 313,832.
Extremely rare variety of a very rare issue. Well struck. Almost extremely fine
Auction Numismatica Ars Classica NAC AG, Zurich 92/1 (2016),517.

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