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Lot 1229

Estimate: 200 EUR   |   Starting price: 120 EUR Price realized: 600 EUR
Konvolut: Books and Auction Catalogues. Books: [Athens, Collection of the Welfare Foundation For Social & Cultural Affairs] Exhibition catalogue. Vasiliki Penna (ed.). Chalkous, for everday dealings: the unknown world of bronze coinage. Athens 2006. Hard board binding. A little-known publication illustrating a wide range of Greek bronze coins as well as a number of Byzantine bronze rarities. [Delos] Ecole Française d’Athènes, Guide de Délos, Athens 1966. Hardbound, cloth. The book includes a section by Tony Hackens on the coinage of Delos from the rare early silver down to the autonomous bronze, illustrated in 1 plate. Imhoof-Blumer, F. Die Münzen Akarnaniens. Wien 1878. Bound in full leather in BCD’s personal style. The 3 high quality phototype plates give an overview of all Acarnanian coinages. Still the major reference for the area. [Käppeli Collection] Exhibition catalogue [1963]. Kunstwerke der Antike. Card covers with dust jacket. Section F, with an introduction by Herbert Cahn, describes, with photographs, 100 superb ancient Greek coins that were subsequently dispersed in the market by the numismatic department of Bank Leu. An obscure but important reference missing from most libraries. Papageorgiadou-Banis, Charikleia. The Coinage of Kea. MEΛETHMATA 24, Athens 1997. Card covers. The die study of the rare coinage of a numismatically inconspicuous Aegean island. From the library of Peter Franke with a dedication to him from the author. [Thasos] Ecole Française d’Athènes, Guide de Thasos, Athens 1967. Hardbound, cloth. The book includes a section by Georges LeRider on the coinage of Thasos from the earliest times down to the rare Imperial series, illustrated in 5 excellent plates. Auction Catalogues: Glendining & Co. 9-13 March 1931, Roman Republican/Edmund Nordheim Collection, Byzantine, Ostrogothic and Lombard Coins/Foreign Collector, Greek and Roman Coins/Sir Arthur Evans et al. 1238 nrs., 31 pls. Bound in half leather in BCD’s personal style. Otto Helbing 7 April 1913 (...aufgelösten Firma Zschiesche & Köder, part IV: Medals, paper money, numismatic literature), 1920 nrs., 10 pls. bound with 9 April 1913 (...aufgelösten Firma Zschiesche & Köder, part V: Greek, Roman, Byzantine coins), 1819 nrs, 24 pls. Bound, spine slightly frayed, old penciled notes in the numismatic literature section. Guter Allgemeinzustand.

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