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Lot 22148919

Estimate: 1'851 EUR   |   Starting price: 320 EUR Online bidding closed
Germany - Saxony-Albertine, Poland - August II "the Strong" Talar 1711 ILH, Drezden - Silver
Talar 1711 ILH, Drezden. August II (King of Poland 1697-1706; 1709-1733 / Elector of Saxony 1694-1733)Obv: D G FRID AUGUST REX POL DUX SAX I C M A & W Bust of the king to the right, in the laurel wreath.Rev: SAC ROM IMP ARCHIM ET ELECTOR / 1711 ILHCrowned shields of Poland and Lithuania and SaksoniiReference: Dav 2653; Schnee 1009; Kahnt 108Weight: 27.54gDiameter: 46mmVery Fine (corrosion)Very Rare type of the thaler from generation 1711 from the mint in the Dresden. Chance for the purchase of the coin very much rarely turning up at the trade.Augustus II the Strong (12 May 1670 – 1 February 1733) of the Albertine line of the House of Wettin was Elector of Saxony (as Frederick Augustus I), Imperial Vicar and elected King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania.Augustus' great physical strength earned him the nicknames "the Strong", "the Saxon Hercules" and "Iron-Hand". He liked to show that he lived up to his name by breaking horseshoes with his bare hands and engaging in fox tossing by holding the end of his sling with just one finger while two of the strongest men in his court held the other endProvenience: ex Fritz Rudolf Künker GmbH & Co. KG 03.2017 See images for correct impression
Very fine
Germany - Saxony-Albertine

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