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Lot 40014

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Struck in Tribute to Maximilian's First Wife, Maria of Burgundy

AUSTRIA. Holy Roman Empire. Guldiner, 1479 (ca. 1511). Hall Mint. Maximilian I (1508-19). NGC VF-30.
Egg-15; M&T-83; Bachtell-3b; Kluge-1101; Voglhuber-3. By Ulrich Ursentale. Obverse: Bust of Maximilian right with flowing tresses, "ETA-TIS.19" flanking; Reverse: Bust right of his spouse Maria, daughter of the Heir of Burgundy right, "ETAT-IS.20." flanking with date below. Struck after the death of Maximilian's second wife in 1510 in commemoration of his first wife, Maria of Burgundy, whom he had married in 1477. Rather pleasing quality for this typically well-handed issue, displaying strong detail despite evidence of past circulation with moderate gray tone in the centers and deeper blue coloration at the legends. A few marks are noted to the right of Maximilian's bust, but they are clearly very old and blend admirably into the surfaces. Sure to pique the interest of the collector focusing on early dated types of the world.

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