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Lot 63060

Estimate: 75 USD   |   Starting price: 1 USD Bid on this lot at the auctioneer's website
PTOLEMAIC EGYPT. Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysus (Auletes) (ca. 80-51 BC). AR tetradrachm (24mm, 14.57 gm, 12h). VF. Alexandria, Regnal Year 16 (65/64 BC). Diademed head of Ptolemy I right, wearing aegis around neck / ΠTOΛEMAIOY-BAΣIΛEΩΣ, eagle with closed wings standing left on thunderbolt; L IC (date) to left, ΠA to right. Svoronos 1830 (Paphos). SNG Copenhagen 411. Ptolemy XII was the father of Cleopatra VII, last ruler of the Ptolemaic Dynasty. HID05401242017

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