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Lot 84

Estimate: 6'500'000 INR   |   Starting price: 4'500'000 INR Price realized: 11'000'000 INR
Jahangir, Agra Mint, Gold Mohur, AH 1022/8 RY, Month Shahrewar (Virgo), Struck on broad flan, Obv: Nur ud din Jahangir Shah Akbar Shah within a dotted circle, Rev: zarb Agra on top, mah Shahrewar (elahi month), hijri 1022 ®nal year 8 at bottom, whole legends within the dotted circle, 10.89g, 23.48mm, (Liddle # Type G-13, Unlisted in KM), Superb strike showing minute metal flows of the die with ornamental background and floral scrollwork, Exceptionally Rare.

Soon after his ascension to the throne, Jahangir began experimenting with his coinage with their weight standards, designs, shapes, poetic couplets etc. The weights were increased by 20% and then by 25% of his coins, these experiments of weight standards ended on 11th of Ardibihisht of AH 1020, which fell in the 6th regnal year and the coinage reverted to normal weights.

Subsequently, Jahangir issued 'Muhr-e-gird' coins with different ornamental borders. The legends on these coins were simple nominative inscriptions, unlike the poetic forms used on previous issues. However the exceptionally high quality of designing and engraving the dies was retained and the resultant products were of an equally scintillating beauty.

The mohur offered here is from this repertoire of coinage, struck in the month of Shahrewar of the 8th regnal year. The inscriptions are engraved in a cursive Thuluth style of Farsi and the letters are offset against a delicate backdrop of floral decoration and filigree patterns. The style of calligraphy is reminiscent of ornate panels often painted in verso of several a miniature paintings of the Mughal period-except that the style of these calligraphic panels is often Nastaliq. The coin offers us an example of Mughal calligraphic art in a different style comparable to the panels of Taj Mahal.

The size of the coin is larger than most of the other known pieces of the type with perfect well-centered and balanced calligraphy. Most likely the coin was struck for a special occasion.

An exceptional and extraordinary specimen of Jahangir's coinage, this coin is amongst the highest rarities of the Emperor!

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