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Lot 68

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Beautifully toned and of fine style
SICILY. Syracuse. Second Democracy, 466-405 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 24 mm, 17.28 g, 4 h), circa 430-420. Charioteer driving quadriga walking to right, holding goad in his right hand and reins in his left; above, Nike flying right to crown the horses. Rev. ΣYRΑΚΟΣΙΟΝ Head of Arethusa to right, wearing simple earring and necklace with a pendant, and with her hair bound up with a cord wound four times around her head; around, four dolphins. Boehringer 649 (V329/R446). Beautifully toned and of fine style. Struck from the usual worn obverse die, otherwise, very fine.

From an American collection, kept in a bank deposit box for the past twenty years.

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