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North East Coast. Left Type with Pellet and Triangles. Sills Mint B, fig.10. c.60-50 BC. Gold stater. 17mm. 5.95g. Wreath motif with leaves facing outwards./ Lunate horse left, pellets and crescent above, large pellet below, exergual line with zigzag and pellet decoration. ABC 1722, VA 804, BMC 193-99, S 29. Good VF, large flan of golden gold, full horse, sharp zigzag. VERY RARE variant, only 19 others recorded. UNIQUE reverse die, previously unrecorded.

Dr John Sills says: “The Mint A and B series both have a wide distribution in and around Lincolnshire and circulated alongside each other, but two hoards from the southern part of the Lincolnshire Wolds and below consist almost entirely of mint A coins and there is a marked concentration of Mint B staters in the north of the county; it is likely therefore that both were in or around the Wolds and that Mint B was well to the north of Mint A.” (Early Corieltavian Gold, Chris Rudd List 43, 1999, p.2-3). Commenting on this superb specimen he says: “Towards the end of the pellet issue there’s a small group of obverse dies where the leaves point out and down above the hairbar, out and up below it, as here” (pers.comm. 11.1.2019).

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